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Adding a Custom Domain

If you’ve purchased a custom domain from a registrar, you can add it to your PlayCode project!

To add a custom domain:

Open the project in the editor.
Click to Globe icon
Click Add Custom Domain.
Enter your custom domain URL ( and then click Add.
Now, go to your domain name registrar’s website and create a CNAME entry, adding as the target.

Here are some things to remember when adding a custom domain to your PlayCode project:

Visiting the url, directly in your browser will not display your app. It’s not intended to be used directly, only as part of a CNAME.
Most popular domain name registrars provide documentation on how to configure your dns for CNAMES. Here are links to a few of them:
- GoDaddy
- Freenom

Using an A Record when your domain name registrar requires an IP address:

If you want to use the “bare domain” (for example, instead of, you’ll need to create an A Record.
If your registrar requires an A Record to be pointed to an IP address instead of a URL, you can find the IP address by using a service like to ping http: .
Here are documentation links for how to add an A record with some popular domain name registrars:
- GoDaddy
- Freenom

Updated on: 24/05/2022

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